About Us

About TFP Jewellery

TFP Jewellery was founded in 2021 by Toby at the age of 19, we are here to provide you with a quality service and provide truly beautiful pieces using a combination of traditional benchwork and CAD as well as our bespoke items that you can completely design yourself along side us so we can ensure we can deliver a quality product. 


Where it all began and where we are today 

It all began when I was very little, I had grown up with a huge interest in jewellery and watches, I had started buying silver jewellery on my family holidays to Greek islands where I was inspired buy a small store which only operated during holiday season but still making some stunning pieces, I was fascinated by how pieces were made and how gemstones were set, which has lead me to making and designing my own unique pieces, I found a lot of inspiration through many other talented jewellers and spent a lot of my spare time watching countless videos on YouTube.

I have been bench trained to the industry standard buy Londons British Academy of Jewellers where I expanded my knowledge and gained more insight on how it is all manufactured, during this I also refined my bench and CAD skills

We are also an official member of The Society Of British Jewellers. 


What is our aim and what we offer

Here at TFP Jewellery our aim is to offer a quality product yet still create them special moments for you. We offer a wide range of gorgeous items including, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Pendants. 

We also offer a bespoke jewellery service where your able to make your jewellery dreams come true! Our aim here is to supply you with unique and one off pieces. We start right from the very beginning either by sending us your ideas and specifications or alternately if you are unsure on what you want we can arrange a free design consultation these are normally held over zoom but we can arrange to meet in a convenient location for us both if better suited, then using a combination of classic bench work and CAD to make your bespoke item.  Find out more

Laser engraving service are available to add that extra special touch to your product as well as various other alterations and repairs please click here to see what we have to offer.

We also source luxury watches, theses are also customisable by setting stones, Contact us to enquire



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