Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design & Manufacturing Service

Are you looking for a bespoke design? 

Well you’re in the right hands, It all starts here with an idea and we are here to help you. We will work alongside you to ensure you receive the best customer service and the product of your dreams, we will achieve this by using our CAD and CAM skills as well as traditional bench work to bring your dream to life. 

What is CAD & CAM?

CAD is Computer aided design.
CAM is Computer aided manufacturing.
This allows us to work to the highest detail and quality.  


How does it work?

Stage 1


Firstly is our consultation stage, here we will be discussing your budget, timeframe and what you want from your  bespoke piece. This can include but not limited to what alloy of metal you’d like, stone sizes and stone clarity or any engravings. 
Please feel free to send us any ideas, pictures, drawings or specifications you may have as this will really help with the design process
Meetings usually take place over zoom, but I’m happy to meet in a preferred location for us both, to book a meeting please use the Contact below or send us an email. 

Stage 2


Next, is our design stage, after confirming your budget and timeframe we will work alongside you to achieve the design you desire and go over the specifications, including what types of alloy you will prefer along with the stones which you have picked out in accordance to your budget.
We will make sure we have all the information we need and you’re happy with the design before we go ahead to manufacturing your piece.

Stage 3


When we are both happy and ready to go to manufacturing we will produce and hand finish your bespoke piece in our workshop, throughout the whole manufacturing process we aim to source the highest quality of stones and bullion available here in the uk, we strive for quality. We occasionally collaborate with other jewellers to complete a piece if there’s a specialist technique used.  
We also will keep you updated through the whole process so you can stay up to date and ensure your mind can be at rest during this time.

Final Stage

The Finished Piece 

As soon as your piece has come to completion we will contact you to let you know its ready, from here we can either deliver via Royal Mail but Only up to the maximum value £2500 due to this being there maximum insurance, if your piece exceeds this cost you can either arrange the courier your self or we can arrange a collection. We also offer a personal delivery service please contact us to find out more.
Jewellery reworks are also available, so why not recycle your old jewellery contact us to find out more.

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